Tax Exempt

To facilitate the acquisition of tax exempt status for orders based in Florida, we have outlined the following procedural steps:


  1. Establish an account on our platform by completing the requisite registration process.
  2. Submit a scanned or photographed copy of your Tax Identification (ID) form via
    • Email
    • Text message to (813) 816 - 5826 
  1. Concurrently, notify us of the name under which the account is to be registered, utilizing the same mode of communication (email or text).
  2. Upon receipt of the necessary documentation, our team will promptly process your request and ascertain the eligibility for tax exempt status.
  3. Subsequently, we will notify you via the same communication channel (email or text) once your account has been successfully configured to accommodate tax exempt transactions.


We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these formalities and assure you of our dedicated assistance throughout this process.